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Many people shy away from diving into the router's settings, as upfront, the settings and terminology can seem overly complex. Why should you play around with the mysterious box that provides access to the internet? Especially if it’s doing its job and you are satisfied with the results.

Router Admin – Your Guide In The Complicated World Of Routers

However, you should not be intimidated by your router. You are missing out on the chance to optimize your internet experience. You can make your “ok” internet experience, “excellent.” With the help of Router Admin, through the use of easy to understand information and step-by-step guides, you will be able to get the most out of your router’s built-in features.

On the other hand, maybe you are looking to upgrade your home internet network, though you are put off by advertising terms that only mean something to people who understand routers, like us here at Router Admin. Whether upgrading, optimizing or making your first router purchase, Router Admin is here to help.

How Should I Choose A Router?

Buying a router can be a complicated process. There are many brands and models, all with different specifications that aren’t always easy to understand. You then have to consider your own needs, with some routers explicitly designed for gaming or businesses with multiple internet users. The best router for your needs will depend on several factors, including:

  • Internet Speed Limits – Everyone wants high-speed internet, and there are routers able to make your streaming or online gaming seamless. However, before buying a router, you need to consider the internet service provider's maximum internet speed. A router that supports 50mbps is pointless if your internet service provider can only provide internet speeds up to 25mbps.
  • Wi-Fi Network Range – Routers at different price points come with different Wi-Fi network ranges. If you only live in a small apartment, then you don’t need a router with mesh network compatibility that can cater to a six-bedroom house.
  • Ease Of Use – As touched on above, one of the reasons people don’t play around with their router is because the interface can be complex. Luckily, newer routers come with smartphone apps that are easy to use. If you don’t consider yourself techy enough to use a computer to access your router’s interface, you should ensure that your router has such an app.
  • Additional Features – As routers grow in technical power, they will do more than provide internet. USB ports, tri, and quad-band networks, beamforming, and more are all available. The router's interface also comes with additional features you make use of, with some possibilities explained below.

What More Can My Router Do?

With the above tips, you have brought your new router to meet your specifications and connected it up, and now have access to the internet, and for some people, that’s enough. However, by accessing your router’s interface with its IP address, you can open yourself up to new opportunities and get your money worth out of your router. Some things you probably didn’t know you can do with your router, though subject to the actual router you have purchased, include:

  1. The blocking of certain websites. Built-in parental controls allow you to manage restricted content.
  2. Stopping unauthorized users from using your internet
  3. Nearly all routers allow you to create a guest network with your router. Doing so will ease the strain on your main network if you have multiple guests, all with an internet device.
  4. With multiple devices connected to your router network, it is possible to share files over the local area network, or LAN.

Keep your network security secure with your router’s security protocols. Router manufacturers take security seriously, and so should you. Make sure your network gets protected with the provided security features.

Setting up a proxy server, which can provide extra security, while also allowing you to view content restricted by location.

Your IP Address

Every router you ever purchase comes with an IP address, and it is this string of numbers that get used for accessing your router’s interface. However, the IP address is more than that. Your router’s IP address helps the internet send and receive information, just like your home address ensures you get your mail. The most common version of an IP address is the IPv4 or IP version 4, which is a set of four numbers, separated by a period. Each of the four numbers can range from 0 to 255. You do need to know this number to set up your router, which is why we at Router Admin have listed the most popular ones below

  • 192.168 1.254

Your router may not use one of these numbers, and if that is the case, you can usually find the IP address of your router on the base of the unit. Alternatively, Router Admin has guides to help you find your IP address

Router Admin Makes Managing Your Router Easy

The guides and tools offered here at Router Admin ensure that anyone, no matter their experience with computers, can make the most of their routers. Just some things that Router Admin can help you do include:

  • Helping you choose a router that meets your needs.
  • Walking you through of the initial set-up for various brands and models of routers, including connecting of your internet-capable devices.
  • Helping you modify your Wi-Fi network name and router login details.
  • Helping you find both your private and public IP address.
  • Helping you understand who your ISP or internet service provider is, as well as what level of service they are providing, the speed of your internet, for example.
  • Helping you become informed on specific features of your router, and guides to help you utilize those features to their fullest potential.
  • With Router Admin by your side, you can take your internet network to a whole new level. Doing so helps to ensure your internet experience, whether browsing, gaming, or streaming, is optimized.

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