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Getting Started With a Shenzhen MTN Electronics MTO-WR976N Router

Your MTO-WR976N router is the hub of your internet providing Wi-Fi Network. Without your router, you would not be able to stream series, play games online, or even browse the web. However, you can't just buy a MTO-WR976N router and expect the internet from out of the box. There are steps you need to take before you get up and running:

  1. A router is nothing more than a decorative piece without the internet, so the first step is to ensure you have internet coming to your property. If you are upgrading your router from an older model, then it's safe to assume you have internet already. If not, you should contact an ISP or internet service provider and ask them to install an internet gateway. With the ISP gateway in place, connect up your computer with an ethernet cable. If your computer registers as receiving the internet, you can connect your ISP gateway to your router.
  2. Once you have confirmed you have internet coming to your property, take your Shenzhen MTN Electronics MTO-WR976N router out of the box. Be sure to keep any paperwork that comes with your router, as these manuals contain essential information that you will need to use, such as the IP address and login details of the router. If your router comes with separate antennas, connect them to the unit.
  3. With your router assembled, You then need to find a place for it to sit. Your router should be close to the room that sees the most use of the internet. If you can place your router up high, you will also benefit from better Wi-Fi network distribution. It would help if you also kept in mind that your router needs to connect up to the power. Another thing to consider is signal blockers. Concrete walls and metal can stop your Wi-Fi network from getting to where it needs to go. Also, don't place your MTO-WR976N router next to the microwave, as it emits a similar frequency that will mess with the Wi-Fi.
  4. Once your MTO-WR976N router is in place, plug it into the power and turn it on. Indicator lights will come on that indicate it is working correctly. The initial power-up can take a few minutes.
  5. The last step is the most important one. Connect your MTO-WR976N router up to the internet. Take an ethernet lead from the ISP gateway to the router's WAN port. If all is working, an indicator light will come on above the WAN port.

It's Time To Login And Configure Your Shenzhen MTN Electronics MTO-WR976N Router

If you have plugged your router into the power and internet, and all the indicator lights show that it is working, you are halfway to having an internet-capable Wi-Fi network. The next step is setting up that same Wi-Fi network, along with configuring other settings of your MTO-WR976N router. All of these settings get changed in the router's interface.

How To Access Your MTO-WR976N Router's Interface

  1. You will once more need your computer or laptop. Connect your device to your router. You can connect via Wi-Fi, as some routers will provide a Wi-Fi network out of the box. Alternatively, you can use an ethernet cable and connect your computer to the router.
  2. With your computer connected to the router, open up your web browser of choice. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are two popular choices.
  3. With your web browser open, enter the IP address of your Shenzhen MTN Electronics MTO-WR976N router into the search bar. The paperwork you kept safe should have the IP address listed, though you can often find it listed on the base of your router.
  4. Searching for the IP address will take you to the login page of your router's interface. Here, you receive a prompt to enter a username and password. You can find the default login details in the paperwork or on the base of the router.

Securing Your Router

The login details for your router's interface are a bit too easy to find, and that is because router manufacturers use the same details for all of their routers. Anyone can access your router's interface, so the first thing you should do is change those details. With the router interface open, search for general settings, network admin, or a similarly named menu. In this menu, you can change the login details, though, make sure the new details are secure and that you can remember them.

Securing Your Wi-Fi Network

With the actual Shenzhen MTN Electronics MTO-WR976N router unit secure, you should turn your attention to the Wi-Fi network it provides. In the router interface, you need to find the menu titled wireless security, or similar. In this menu, you can set a security scheme for your router, which will usually be one of the following:

  • WEP
  • WPA
  • WPA2

WPA2 is the current standard and the most secure, though some devices will not connect to a Wi-Fi network using this scheme. Some routers come with multiple networks, which helps overcome this compatibility issue. After you select a Wi-Fi network security scheme, you will receive a prompt to enter a password. Again, make sure you can remember it and that it is secure.

Changing The Name Of Your Wi-Fi Network

While changing the Wi-Fi network password, you might also change the name or SSID of the network. Doing so is only cosmetic, though it can help you differentiate your network from others if you live in a busy area. While in the interface of your MTO-WR976N router, search through the general settings menu until you find the SSID field. In this field, input your desired Wi-Fi network name.

The IP Address Of Your Shenzhen MTN Electronics MTO-WR976N Router

You need to enter the IP address of your router into a web browser to access the router's interface. You wouldn't be alone in thinking that the chain of numbers gets used solely for that purpose. However, the private IP address of your router is much more than a website address. The four numbers separated by periods act as an address that allows connected computer devices to communicate with the router. Without an IP address, your router would not be able to receive data requests from your computer, which would leave you without internet access. You can find the IP address on the base of the MTO-WR976N router by Shenzhen MTN Electronics, though if you have brought a router second hand, without a bottom label or manual, how can you find the IP address? Well you can check online, or you can use your computer to check another way:

  1. With your computer connected to the router, either via Wi-Fi or with an ethernet lead, open the menu that shows the available internet networks. On a Windows computer, you can find this menu in the bottom right corner of your screen. On a MAC OS X computer, you need to go to the system preferences menu.
  2. No matter the operating system you use, select your router's network.
  3. For a MAC computer, you will find the IP address next to the word 'router'. For a Windows computer, scroll through the menu until you find IPv4. The chain of numbers next to this label is your private IP address.

Private Vs. Public IP Address

Your Shenzhen MTN Electronics MTO-WR976N router has two IP addresses. The private IP address mentioned previously only affects your home network. All of your computer devices connect to the router using the private IP address, and those same computers each have there own IP address, so your router knows where to send requested information from the internet. Once your router receives that request from a computer connected to the Wi-Fi network, it passes it over to its public IP address.

Unlike your private IP address, your public IP can get seen by the outside world. Websites use your router's public IP address to send the requested information back to your router via your ISP. Unlike a private IP address, no two routers have the same public IP address, and your public IP can change from time to time as there are only so many numbers that can get used for this function. This act is called a dynamic IP. You can find out your current public IP address by searching 'what is my IP address' on Google.

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